2022 electric two-wheelers show come to a successful conclusion in HAINAN

2022 Electric two-wheeled vehicle exhibition concluded in Hainan International Convention and Exhibition Center.  Due to the epidemic control, the exhibition was shortened from 4 days to 2 days (January 6-7), and changed from offline to online exhibition and dissemination.  Centering on the new trend of energy saving, electrification, fashion and entertainment in electric vehicle and electric motorcycle industry. The exhibition shows the trend culture of electric vehicle, electric motorcycle and motorcycle, presenting the cool lifestyle with attitude.As the first event of electric vehicle industry in 2022, this exhibition covers an area of about 20,000 square meters, mainly showing two-wheeled electric vehicles and electric motorcycles on behalf of green energy saving, environmental protection and innovative technology and other future development directions. Meanwhile it integrate retro, leisure and entertainment featured large displacement motorcycles.  The exhibition brings together more than 30 enterprises from motorcycle and electric vehicle industry, leading technology vehicles, parts, clothing and cultural articles.


This exhibition brings together a number of electric vehicles and motorcycle brands, showing more than 200 models of cars.  Senlan, KYMCO Guangyang Electric, Electric phei, Niu, CAOFEN, BMW, KTM, VESPA, Kawasaki, Benali, Honda, Zongshen, Wuji, Lifan, Chunfeng, Dayun, Huayang and other world leading electric vehicle and motorcycle brands will participate in the exhibition.

The exhibition represents the excellent manufacturing capacity of China’s electric two-wheeler industry.  Tensen tire, Machis Tire, Ansso Lubricant, LS2, Faseed Helmet, Eternal helmet, BEON helmet, FEHER  , RYO boots, Chengwei side box, Hetang cycling shoes, Zhengdong locks, locomotive home, Huayang modification, Zhenzheng technology chain, Boonkang parts, Bafang motor and other clothing and equipment, helmets, cycling tourism and two-wheelers surrounding culture, intelligent network technology, surrounding fashionable products bring cool products and concepts.

The exhibition will be displayed online through official live broadcast, community communication, official weibo and short video platforms. Besides the offline experience area of “2022 Electric Two-wheeler Model of the Year” will be created.  Lifan, Mavericks, Spotzman, Sen Blue, Guangyang, Scene wind, electric fei, new day and other car manufacturing new forces are involved in the model selection activities.  Spectators and motorcycle riders can test drive in the field.People can personally experience the steering performance of electric vehicles.


According to the current electric two-wheeled vehicle online display, we can see that the electric vehicle industry in China is no longer limited to the electric vehicle as a transportation tool. The product is gradually differentiated and step to the high-end electric motorcycle field on the basis of commuting transportation.  Electric two-wheeled vehicle enterprises are striving to promote product upgrading and intelligent manufacturing, and constantly realize high-end electric two-wheeled vehicle industry and consumption structure adjustment, as well as driving the development of motorcycle travel, service, modification and other electric two-wheeled vehicle surrounding industries.

Post time: Feb-25-2022

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