Can’t even run the track after changing the exhaust? France limits track noise to 95 dB

The first thing many people do after buying a car is to refit their car. Among them, refitting the exhaust pipe is the largest refitting project. However, the noise problem caused by changing the exhaust pipe has also become the key target of government crackdown all over the world; Recently, foreign media reported that France will start to impose stricter noise restrictions on vehicles participating in the race track in 2024.

Foreign media reports pointed out that the current track noise limit developed by France does not include MotoGP, wsbk and endurance race vehicles, but mainly for road vehicles participating in the track day. The new noise limit will be reduced from the current 102 DB to 95 dB. In addition, the noise limit of motocross will also be stricter, from 112 DB to 109 dB.
The noise limit of the new track proposed by France does not include MotoGP and other events
102 decibels is already quite strict for many cars with larger modifications, not to mention the 95 decibels that France is going to implement in the future. After the implementation in the future, many Racing Day riders will definitely have to readjust the exhaust system or change back to the original exhaust pipe to have a chance to meet the stricter noise limits.
The stricter 95 dB limit in France in the future will certainly affect the willingness of many people to participate in track day activities

Post time: Jul-01-2022

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