From May 1st, motorcycles have ushered in “six new regulations”

With the continuous popularity of automobiles, the proportion of other types of transportation is getting smaller and smaller, but it does not mean that it is useless. In the needs of short-distance commuting in cities, motorcycles have an excellent use effect and are favored by the majority of young people. .

With the continuous adjustment of motorcycle driving licenses and vehicle review measures, more and more young people have purchased motorcycles. Like other means of transportation, with the increase in the number of motorcycles, there have been some impacts. In cities without motorcycle bans In China, the impact of motorcycles even exceeds that of cars.

To this end, many cities have started to manage motorcycles. From May 1st, motorcycles will usher in “six new regulations”, including: wearing safety helmets, driving in the far right lane, driving in sequence, not disturbing residents, and obeying traffic regulations.¬†These regulations limit the travel and driving behavior of motorcycles, but are more conducive to the healthy development of the motorcycle industry.

Wear a safety helmet

After the implementation of the new national standard for electric vehicles, two-wheeled vehicles powered by electricity or fuel need to wear safety helmets. Motorcycles are no exception. Not only do you need to wear safety helmets on the road, but you also need to be equipped with complete protective gear on the highway. .

With the continuous improvement of the quality of drivers, traffic regulations have reduced the penalty for not wearing a safety helmet, and the deduction has been adjusted to 1 point.


Drive in the far right lane

As one of the participants in the road environment, there should be a basis for motorcycles to go on the road. Although motorcycles are motor vehicles, they are obviously different from three-wheeled and four-wheeled vehicles. In the case of more than two motor vehicle lanes in the same direction , motorcycles should drive in the rightmost lane, and if there is an auxiliary road, the motorcycle should pass on the auxiliary road.


Drive in sequence

On urban roads, motorcycles are only one of the road participants. Most of the participants are cars, which means that motorcycles are more flexible and light. Do not overtake at will.

Do not disturb the people

This is the simplest requirement. Since the promulgation of the motorcycle ban, there has been no real improvement. In cities without motorcycle bans, the noise of motorcycles is endless.

When the noise of a motor vehicle exceeds the limit, it cannot be in the urban area, and behaviors such as modifying the exhaust and slamming the accelerator shall not be included in the scope of strict investigation.


Obey traffic rules

As a type of motor vehicle, motorcycles should know how to abide by traffic regulations. Violation of traffic regulations will not only result in deductions and fines, but may also cause traffic accidents. This kind of behavior should be stopped.


Civilized riding

Regardless of whether it is a car or a motorcycle, many car owners have uncivilized driving behaviors. Motorcycles often have behaviors such as answering calls, holding phones, changing lanes at will, distracted driving, and random parking. These uncivilized driving behaviors are harmful to themselves and themselves. Others will have an influence, and civilized riding is what every knight should do.

Post time: Jul-07-2022

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