Good news for motorcycles aged 13 years,how will the policy of mandatory scrapping or cancellation goes this time?  

Nowadays, transportation has become an indispensable part of residents’ life. In recent years, the means of transportation of Chinese residents have also changed significantly, and they are mainly divided into four-wheel vehicle and two-wheel vehicle.  In particular, some residents prefer two-wheelers, because compared with four-wheelers, two-wheelers are not afraid of traffic jams and parking is more convenient.  
There are mainly electric cars and motorcycles in the two-wheeled vehicles. Many young people are more partial to motorcycles, which are cool, passionate and fashionable.  
Picture: Motorcycle is a very important means of transportation around the world, and it has been popularized in many countries.  It is understood that China is also the world’s main motorcycle production base, although China’s overall motorcycle proportion is not high, but the possession is also close to 100 million.  
Every year when people return home before the Spring Festival, our country will appear thousands of motorcycle army, that time should also be our country motorcycle most time.  
In fact, for many years, the development of motorcycles in Our country has been limited to a certain extent, the reason is very simple. the “NO MOTOCYCLE” is published in some areas or in some periods of time. Motorcycles are not allowed to appear, and even some expressways are restricted to enter the motorcycle, which undoubtedly affects the development of legal on road scooter in our country.  
Under such circumstances, the amount of motorcycles in China is gradually declining. Some riders do not understand the strict regulations on motorcycles in China, and the mandatory scrapping has been discussed for many years.  
Perhaps some people do not know that China has a mandatory scrapped motorcycle regulations. According to the relevant provisions, China’s motorcycle scrapped life is 13 years. For example And after 10 years, it needs to be checked every six months or so, and at most 13 years it must be forced to scrap.  
Vehicle is confused by the mandatory scrapping provisions of motorcycle,most of them said their motorcycle even after 13 years can still use, but the 13 years of mandatory scrapping provisions make them helpless. Becasuse many motorcycles are not used very much, even after 13 years they don’t have many kilometers, so it would be a waste to scrap them if so.  
Should abolish scrap life of motorcycle?  
In fact, the abolition of the life limit for motorcycles has been mentioned for several years, and it is getting closer and closer.  
Recently, relevant personnel in China revealed that in the future, China will cancel the scrapping life of motorcycles will be a trend, and may set the new scrapping life according to the model or displacement, not as unified as the current 13 years of scrapping.  
According to the picture, the reform of the life limit of the motorcycle is still under discussion, and the details will be decided in the future, which is undoubtedly good news for the majority of motorcycle owners.  In addition, the future of China’s motorcycle license or some classification need wait for the specific announcement.  
There is also a proposal to allow motorcycles to be used for a long time.As long as they pass the annual examination like private cars. It is uncertain whether this plan will be adopted, but it is certain that the reform of the retirement age of motorcycles will be adopted.  

Post time: Dec-29-2021

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