The era of motorcycles is coming again? Two “good news”, owner: our gospel is coming

With the continuous strength of our country’s comprehensive capcity, our living standards are also improving. The change of transport can also represent the improvement of people’s living standards. Before the earliest time, the transport in our country was a single bicycle, after that motorcycle is coming out.


As we all know, the first country to produce motorcycles in the world is the United States. Harley is a typical American motorcycle. Looking around the world, motorcycles are very important. Many countries have a large number of motorcycles. The rise of motorcycles in our country is relatively late, and motorcycles began to appear in 1951.


People enjoy the pleasure of traveling by motorcycles. Slowly, motorcycles have opened up the market in China. Until 2006, according to the statistical revenue of motorcycle enterprises at that time, the revenue of motorcycle enterprises reached 81.629 billion yuan, and the output also reached 21.4435 million vehicles. Now many people are discussing the need to liberalize the “motorcycle ban” that has been implemented for 36 years? It was banned by decree. Why was it called for lifting?

At present, China is also one of the main production bases of motorcycles in the world. Even if the overall proportion is not high, China also has about 100 million motorcycles. Although private cars have become very common now, they still can’t replace motorcycles. Motorcycle is also an indispensable means of transportation in the life of modern residents.


Motorcycles are more convenient than cars. Motorcycles will never be afraid of traffic jams. It is also easy to find a place to park. Motorcycles are more economical than private cars. They are a means of transportation that most families can afford. And now young people prefer the cool and cool style of motorcycles.

When returning home during the Spring Festival holiday every year, a large number of motorcycles will appear in Guangxi and Guangdong. At that time, the motorcycles looked spectacular. Although motorcycles bring a lot of convenience to people’s life, everything has advantages and disadvantages, including motorcycles.


As we all know, motorcycles will produce a lot of noise, and the exhaust from motorcycles will pollute the environment. The biggest drawback of motorcycles is that they have certain potential safety hazards. Because when young people drive motorcycles, they blindly pursue speed and forget the most important safety.

In view of this situation, the state launched a “motorcycle ban”. Although the “motorcycle ban” is not very popular, it has been implemented in some areas for a long time. As early as 1985, Beijing, the capital of our country, began to implement it. Then many cities followed suit, and they also began to implement the “motorcycle ban”.


The “prohibition order” also restricts the development of motorcycles in our country. The “prohibition order” stipulates that motorcycles cannot appear in some periods of time, and motorcycles are also restricted on highways. I think many people know the “motorcycle ban” best, but another rule of motorcycles is rarely known, that is scrapping.

Generally speaking, motorcycles can only be scrapped after the specified service life. For this policy, I think it is also to reduce the potential safety hazards of motorcycles. The previous limit for scrapping was 13 years. This means that a motorcycle must be scrapped if it has been used for 13 years.

Moreover, the regulations say that after ten years of motorcycle riding, it will take about half a year to check the motorcycle before it can continue to be used. Although scrapping reduces the hidden dangers of motorcycles to a certain extent, it is sometimes too wasteful.


Many people said that this time is too short, because the frequency of motorcycles used now is not particularly high. Motorcycles that have been used for 13 years do not have many kilometers. Many people said that their motorcycles can still be used for 13 years. And now people pay attention to the quality of life, and the price of a motorcycle is not cheap.

It would be a pity to be scrapped directly. The “prohibition order” and scrapping system have gradually reduced the influence of motorcycles in our country. Many riders who love riding motorcycles say they don’t accept it. Although their motorcycles have been driven for more than ten years, the mileage is only tens of thousands of kilometers.

It’s a pity to be forced to scrap in this way, so the compulsory scrapping is controversial. This provision has been controversial for 30 years, and it is finally going to be cancelled. Today, the news of canceling the scrapping age of motorcycles is getting closer and closer.


In fact, the news came out a few years ago, but there has been no definite written provision. Some people familiar with the matter also revealed that it is the current trend for our country to cancel the reimbursement period of motorcycles. The country may decide the retirement age according to the motorcycle model and displacement. It will not unify 13 years as the retirement age as before.


Although this reform is still under negotiation, the details have not been determined. But I believe I can wait for the good news. The majority of motorcycle owners will also feel that it is a gospel. The reform of the retirement age of motorcycles is a certainty. We are waiting for good news now. Although motorcycles are convenient, riders should also pay attention to safety before they can go home.

Post time: May-30-2022

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