Follow these six methods of maintenance, your gas scooter will be always in a good condition, the often you do, a better performance it will keep.

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If I ask what is the biggest difference between scooter and straddle motorcycle, perhaps everyone will only talk the aspect like their riding posture. In fact, the obviously difference is the scooter generally surrounded by large covers, and the engine is deeply wrapped inside. It looks better and more convenience,but for air cooling system engine,it also brings a fatal problem that its heat dissipation effect extremely poor.

For the scooters and straddle motorcycles,their engines are usually in air force cooling systems,one difference is that the engine of motorcycle exposes to the air.Under the same displacements,the temperature of the engine on scooter will be higher than the motorcycle,so the scooter need a higher requirement on heat dissipation for its engine.

image2Compare with the straddle motorcycle,the engine of scooter should be in a worse working condition,so it will be much complicated to maintain the scooter.

If you follow the below six methods to maintain your scooter,it will become better and better,easy to start and no further worries.

First, change the engine oil on time.


To change the engine oil frequency is 800-1500km per time, or once a year, these are two indexes, according to which comes first.


When changing the engine oil, drain it all while engine is still in hot, use the high-pressure air gun to blow the residual oil out of the engine,then fill with the new engine oil.


Please must to use the genuine engine oil.The fake engine oil will harm your scooter for ever.As long as you use fake engine oil a time,it will cause irreversible damages to your engine.


Second, clean the air filter regularly.

Because the air inlet of scooter is generally low, the sand and dust on the road can be easily inhaled. The small sand particles and dust will become tough abrasives, they are stronger than steel, so they can easily damage the piston and cylinder block. Therefore, it is important to clean and replace the air filter element regularly, every 2000km per time as usual. When cleaning with high-pressure air, make sure to blow outward from the air filter, not from the outside to the inside. In addition, it should be noted that the air filter of scooters must be installed tightly without leakage. Sometimes your scooter can’t reach a higher speed ,you should check the air filter whether leakage or not.


The third is to replace the spark plug on time.

Before,we have talked about the importance of spark plugs. Indeed, spark plugs are consumables and need to be replaced regularly. Generally, they should be replaced every 20000 km per time. Some spark plugs such as D8EA and C7HSA ,the middle numbers represent calorific value. If your scooter carries a high compression ratio engine, we recommend to use high calorific value spark plug, it can improve the power and save fuel. For ordinary scooter models, the above mentioned two spark plugs are all good enough to use and no need to consider more.


Fourth, replace the gear oil regularly.

Due to its special belt transmission mode, the scooter has a reducer behind the left crankcase. Therefore, the gear oil should be replaced regularly. Generally speaking, the replacement frequency of gear oil is 3000km per time or once half a year. About how to add gear oil, we have talked before. Here we should emphasize that only scooters need to change gear oil, straddle motorcycle do not need. Please don’t leave a message to ask where to add gear oil to your straddle motorcycle.


Fifth, pay attention to the gasoline grades.

According to the compression ratio of the engine to fill the gasoline to your scooter. We recommend to add No. 95 gasoline to your scooter if the compression ratio is 10:1 above , so it can reflect a better effect with high compression ratio and less consumption.


Sixth, correct to use the large supports to park your scooter.

The weight of the motorcycle should be at least 100kg. Two tires will bear heavy weight when parking. So over a long time parking will easily cause two tires deformed or ruptured,it is a potential safety hazard.

If the parking time is over 3 hours, we recommend to get the large supports ready, which can alleviate the pressure of the weight on tires and shock absorbers, so as to prolong the life of the tires and shock absorbers.

Besides above six methods of maintenance,please leave messages if you have more recommendations.


Post time: Jan-06-2022

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